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Foxy's Adventure: The Baxter's Battle! (FNaF)

Fill in the blanks
animatronic, fnaf character like Freddy, Bonnie and Chica but excludes Foxy
pizza flavor
other animatronic, not the one you used and no foxy
things that pirates hads except for parrot
adjective describes something (Green, Squishy, Cute)
adverb describs an action (Quickly, Carefully, Silently)
noun person place or thing (Car, House, Child.)
plural noun people places or things (Cars, Houses, Children.)
verb An action (Run, Jump, Swim)
exclamation (Wow!, Oh!, Yuck!)
number (5, 223, 16.5)
color (Red, Green, Blue)
name (Bill, Fred, Lisa)

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