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Modernized Macbeth Summary

Fill in the blanks
plural noun, describes a shady influence
noun, describes a partner or colleague
proper noun, for protagonist
noun, protagonist's leadership position
verb, means of ruining his leader
proper noun, name of leader
noun, leader's title
proper noun, for protagonist's partner or colleague
proper noun, for protagonist
noun, describing a deficiency that fuels paranoia
colleague to protagonist
proper noun, for protagonist's closest colleague
proper noun, for protagonist
plural noun, for protagonist's underlings
adjective describes something (Green, Squishy, Cute)
adverb describs an action (Quickly, Carefully, Silently)
noun person place or thing (Car, House, Child.)
plural noun people places or things (Cars, Houses, Children.)
verb An action (Run, Jump, Swim)
exclamation (Wow!, Oh!, Yuck!)
number (5, 223, 16.5)
color (Red, Green, Blue)
name (Bill, Fred, Lisa)

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