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Holiday Letter Template for Single People

Fill in the blanks
December holiday you celebrate
city you live in
work task you hate
exclamation -- wow, oh, jeepers, etc.
work- related technology -- PowerPoint, Pivot tables, etc.
body parts, plural
favorite TV show
lead female character in favorite TV show
verb, past tense
lead male character in favorite TV show
favorite social media
your goal
adjective describes something (Green, Squishy, Cute)
adverb describs an action (Quickly, Carefully, Silently)
noun person place or thing (Car, House, Child.)
plural noun people places or things (Cars, Houses, Children.)
verb An action (Run, Jump, Swim)
exclamation (Wow!, Oh!, Yuck!)
number (5, 223, 16.5)
color (Red, Green, Blue)
name (Bill, Fred, Lisa)

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