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How Anti-Social are you?

Do you think your a shut-in? Take this test to see how anti-social you are. Check all that apply:
1. I would rather buy something online then go out and get it.
2. I haven't left my house all day.
3. ... for two days.
4. ... three days.
5. ... a week.
6. ... a month.
7. I've heard of a big yellow ball in the sky, but I have never seen it.
8. I haven't talked to anyone all day.
9. ... for two days.
10. ... three days.
11. ... a week.
12. ... a month.
13. I quit school/work so I can stay home more.
14. I have less than five real life friends.
15. ... less than three.
16. ... less than two.
17. I have no real life friends.
18. I have less than five online friends.
19. ... less than three.
20. ... less than two.
21. I have no friends what so ever.

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