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Horny level

What level of horny are you
1. You have had sex
2. You like sex
3. You are female
4. You have had an orgasm
5. You have had sex with a girl
6. You have given a blow job
7. You have received a blow job
8. You have ate a girl out
9. You have been ate out
10. You are bisexual
11. You look at girls boobs
12. You look at guys package
13. You have had sex with more than 2 partners
14. You have had sex with 5 or more partners
15. You are in a relationship
16. You have cheated on past partners
17. You have cheated on your present partner
18. You would like to cheat on your present partner
19. You masterbate
20. You have masterbated today
21. You have masterbated in the last week
22. You fantasize
23. You have had sex with more than 1 person in 48 hours
24. You have had oral sex with more than 1 person in 48 hous
25. You like group sex
26. You like your partner to share you sexually
27. You like to share your partner sexually
28. You have had a large cock
29. You have had a small cock
30. You have fingered a girl
31. You have had anal sex
32. You like anal sex
33. You have been in a gang bang
34. You would like to be in a gang bang
35. You like whips and chains
36. You have sex secrets you won't tell your partner
37. You are very open sexually to your partner
38. Your partner is very open sexually to you
39. You are horny
40. You are masterbating now

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