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How experienced are you

See how you rank compared to others
1. Had sex
2. Had sex more than one time
3. Had sex with more than one person
4. Masterbated before puberty
5. Had oral sex before puberty
6. Had sex before puberty
7. Had an orgasm before puberty
8. Lost virginity having a one night stand
9. Lost virginity having group sex
10. Had gay or lesbian sex
11. Had gay or lesbian sex more than one time
12. Had gay or lesbian sex with more than one person
13. Lost virginity to someone you loved
14. Lost virginity after marriage
15. Had anal sex
16. Had more than one boy friend or girl friend at the same time
17. Had sex in a car
18. Had sex in the woods
19. Had sex on the ground
20. Had sex in an airplane
21. Had sex at school
22. Had sex at work
23. Had sex in a lake
24. Had sex in the ocean
25. Had sex in the shower
26. Had a threesome
27. Had group sex
28. Used a strap-on
29. Used a dildoe
30. Used a vibrater
31. Had sex with a tranny
32. Paid for sex
33. Been paid for sex
34. Been in love
35. Been in love more than one time
36. Been in love with more than one at the same time
37. Been married
38. Been married more than one time
39. Cheated
40. Cheated more than one time
41. Had a one night stand
42. Had more than one one night stand
43. Had sex on the first date
44. Had sex on the first date more than one time
45. Had sex with some one you don't find attractive
46. Been nude with several people at the same time
47. Lied to have sex
48. Lied to some one about how good having sex with them was
49. Lied about sexual experience
50. Lied on this quiz

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