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The MySpace Addiction Quiz

Do you use myspace too much? Do you tell yourself you can quite any time? Use this quiz to find out just how addicted you really are. Check all that apply:
1. Do you check myspace more than once a day?
2. ... more than five times a day?
3. ... first thing in the morning?
4. ... last thing before going to bed?
5. Do you have a song AND a video on your page?
6. Do you have more than 100 friends?
7. More than 200?
8. ... 500?
9. Do you have more myspace friends than real life friends?
10. For $50 would you be willing to go an entire day without myspace?
11. ... a week?
12. ... quite myspace?
13. ... how about for $1000?
14. Do you have dreams about myspace?
15. Do you suffer withdraws when you aren't near myspace?
16. Have you dated someone you met on myspace?
17. Are you in love with Tom?
18. Myspace myspace myspace myspace, myspace myspace?
19. Did you find this quiz on a myspace bulletin?
20. Will you repost your results in a bulletin?

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