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The Normality Quiz

So you think you're normal huh? I'll be the judge of that! Use this quiz to see just how normal or freakish you really are. Check all that apply:
1. I consider myself normal.
2. I like to do normal things.
3. I eat normal food.
4. Pink is a good color.
5. My favorite color is back.
6. I drink really old grape juice (wine).
7. World domination is one of my hobbies.
8. I love life.
9. People shouldn't eat meat.
10. People shouldn't eat plants.
11. Rock beats paper.
12. I understand Einstein's theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and how they helped shape string theory into what it is today.
13. I like puppies.
14. I die every day.
15. Life, the universe and everything is meaningless.
16. My wardrobe is filled with fantastic colors.
17. I take aspirin or other forms of drugs.

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