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Welcome to Quiz Generator.

Creating a quiz is simple:
1. Select a title for your quiz.
2. Select the starting points for your quiz. The default is 0
3. Enter some text to read before the quiz is taken.
4. Type a quiz question in the question box.
5. Give the question a point value. The value can be negative, and will be
added to the total when the quiz taker click on the checkbox next to the question.
6. To add more questions, click the "Add Question" button. (30 max)
7. Decide how the results will be determined. The default quiz starts with two different results. A result for when the point value adds up to 50 points or less. And a result when anything higher is scored. When the quiz taker is done, his or her score will be displayed along with the text of the appropriate result.
8. To add more results click the "Add Result" button. (10 max)
9. Add an optional email address to identify you as the creator of the quiz.
10. Click "Generate Quiz"
Quiz Title:

Starting Score:

Pre Text:

# Question Value

Results: min: 0 max: 10
When the score is or less output:
Else, when the score is anything higher:
Email (optional):